Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Deo Niwas Sholarship Award?

The Deo Niwas will award scholarship to DEO current residents for a total of Rs.1,00,000/- in awards.

Note: All applications must be submitted before august-20 in every year Applicants must be resident of Deo Niwas with an active year as of August 2023 and a book for next year Who Is Eligible Only Deo Niwas Resident’s. Judging Criteria The judging committee will evaluate scholarship applicants and select scholarship winners based on the following criteria: Academic Scholarship (both graduate and undergraduate)

• 50% Behavior, character and personality/ Be a Helpful Person

• 30% Academic achievement ( last two semester Cumulative GPA at least 7.0)

• 10% Additional leadership / fitness/ involvement in games/ social work/ career planning

• 10% Financial need

Timeline August 20: Deadline to submit all application materials, please note: no fine or pending payment from Deo Niwas management

2. Internet User’s Agreement (2023-2024)

I recognize that the use of the Internet through the DEO NIWAS is a privilege. I agree to abide by the following rules regulating use of the Internet, and I understand that failure to observe these rules or failure to observe other Deo Niwas Policies may result in a suspension of my use of the DEO NIWAS Internet workstation.

I will not engage in any activity which:

Seeks to gain unauthorized access to the resources of the DEO NIWAS or Internet databases.

Disrupts the intended use of the Internet Wastes any resources through such actions.

Violates, compromises, or destroys the integrity of any information.

Compromises the privacy of any user.

Disrupts the Deo Niwas environment is illegal. I will be responsible for any costs incurred as a result of my Internet activities, I will not use the computers for unlawful purposes. I understand that the transmission of any material in violation of any India or state regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, threatening or obscene material or any copyrighted or otherwise protected material. I agree to hold harmless the Deo Niwas for any and all claims of any nature arising from my use or inability to access these services. Knowing that the Internet, including email is currently an unregulated resource, I understand that I use information obtained via this service at my own risk, and that the Deo Niwas offers no guarantee as to the accuracy or validity of information obtained through the Internet. I will observe all copyright laws which might apply to files, software, or other resources on the Internet. I will observe the posted rules governing use of the Deo Niwas Internet hardware and software. I will take proper care of all equipment and will report any problem to the Deo Niwas staff member.


3. What are the Terms & Conditions for Residents?


Must be followed strictly

1.   Cooking is strictly prohibited in Deo Niwas rooms and Resident will strictly follow the mess timings menu and no request except in case of illness. Food, crockery, cutlery from the mess shall not be taken in the room. Any item such as: plate/spoon/glass found in room: will be fined.

2.   Food will not be served in the room except in case of sickness. Mess worker’s of Deo Niwas must be informed of illness. Mess facility is available for 2 semester’s as time period defined


   o   First Term: AUGUST – 07 – 2023 To DECEMBER – 20 – 2023

   o   Second Term: JANUARY – 08 – 2024 To MAY – 20 – 2024

3.   All offer rent will be valid if remaining total balance paid by aug-20-2023. If no payment received till aug-20-2023, extra rent will be charged according to booking rent after march-04-2023.

4.   Every student must bring his own pillow, blanket, linen, water buckets and jug. Following furniture is provided in a room: (1). One bed (per head) (2) Chair & study table in each room (3) Almira in each room (4) Ceiling fan (5) Tube light (6) Cooler

5.   Smoking, chewing tobacco, consuming alcoholic drinks or any other intoxicating drugs etc. are strictly prohibited. Any Residents, found indulging in such practices, shall be asked to vacate the room of Deo Niwas, forfeiting the room charges already paid & In case of found indulging in such practices, will be fined.

6.   Residents are advised not to keep any valuables or jewellery etc in their rooms. All expensive items must be kept under lock and key when the residents are not in their rooms. The management will not be held responsible for loss of any valuables. All rooms when the residents are not present must be locked.

7.   No resident is allowed to go out of the Deo Niwas after 10:00pm and outsider’s are not permitted to stay in the room after 10:00 p.m. The quiet hours between 11pm and 7am are reserved for sleep and residents must stay on their room after 10pm. Violation of this rule would lead to disciplinary action.

8.   The room of any Tenant can be inspected at any time by the inspection committee and will reserve the right to carry inspection of the student room, bags, almirahs or any of personal belongings at any time during day or night.

9.   Mess facility is compulsory to all residents of Deo Niwas and will have to continue. The charges will not be refunded if the resident leaves the room earlier or is expelled from the Deo Niwas for whatsoever reason. It shall be mandatory for every resident to avail the mess facility of the Deo Niwas. Individual cooking is strictly prohibited.

10. Internet facility is provided through Wi-Fi and only one MAC-id address is allowed.

11. Deo Niwas allotted room at the time of booking shall not be changed / exchanged during the year and if some student wants to change his room with another student by mutual consent that can be allowed only with the consent of Deo Niwas Management.

12. Occupant is not allowed to do any repairs, unnecessary nailing and pasting pictures / posters on the wall. The rooms will be handed over to the occupant in a good condition. Any breakage / damage of Deo Niwas furniture thereafter will be borne by the occupant & repair cost will deduct from Security money.

13. Holi colours and Fireworks are not permitted in the Deo Niwas building. Holi and Fireworks will be celebrated only in open spaces nominated by the authorities.

14. The following facilities are available:


o   Electricity: AUGUST – 01 – 2023 To MAY – 28 – 2024

o   Internet: AUGUST – 01 – 2023 To MAY – 28 – 2024

o   Room Cleaning: AUGUST – 01 – 2023 To MAY – 28 – 2024

15. Residents shall not be allowed to engage any outside person for service of any kind after 10:00pm. Courier & food delivery not allowed to                receive after 10:00pm

16. Allotment of Deo Niwas rooms will be for fixed period (Aug-1-23 To may-28-24). In case the resident wants to leave in the middle of the year, Room & mess charges already paid for the remaining period shall stand forfeited:

17. Resident has to evict from the Deo Niwas if he is found to be indulging in any of the following acts: Unruly behavior in rooms or the Deo Niwas premises , Keeping guests without permission Anti-social activities , Mischief causing damage to the Deo Niwas property.

18. Every resident is responsible for the care of the room and its furnishing allotted to him and the furniture provided to him. No furniture will be removed from the room. Similarly no additional furniture will be brought into the room without prior permission of the Owner or Charges will be recovered for all damages and losses caused by resident

19. Any forbidden articles such as heaters, immersion rods, irons, stoves, electric kettle etc, if found in the room will be confiscated and in addition a fine of at least Rs.1000/- may be imposed for the violation of the rule. The decision of the inspection committee will be final in this regard

20. No female guests shall be allowed to enter in the room. No resident is allowed to indulge in any activity in his room/premises, which may cause disturbance to others. Residents shall not conduct group meetings; organize parties or get-together inside the room premises

21. Music system may be played at low volume in rooms if neighbors and roommates do not object. Any violation of these regulations will lead to confiscation of these articles

22. Every student, on going out of his room, shall switch off the light and fan/cooler and water taps etc & in case of light/fan/cooler or water taps on, will be fined.

23. The student will be liable to pay for any damage caused to the residential accommodation either alone or jointly with others apart from any actions as decided by the Deo Niwas Management.

24. The hot water supply shall be available in winter only for fixed timings

25. Celebrating birthday parties or playing outdoor games inside the Deo Niwas rooms or corridors is strictly prohibited

26. Internet is provided for educational purpose and authorities may block website content but also monitor the internet access of individual. Accessing it over the internet or displaying of any pornographic material, will invite severe disciplinary action.

27. Deo Niwas Management is not responsible for any damage or loss to any equipment component, computer hardware or software, laptop or laptop battery and mobile phone or charger or any injury to any person caused by the lightning strikes or voltage fluctuation and earthquake or power failure .

28. All disputes are subject to Phagwara (Punjab) Jurisdiction only.

I have read all the terms and conditions ( 1 to 28) mentioned by the Deo Niwas and are acceptable to me by  LOGIN TO INTERNET SERVICE

4. What is the postal address of Deo Niwas Home?

Deo Niwas Home

V.P.O: Nanak Nagri, Chiheru On Maheru Rd,

Near LPU Phagwara, District

Kapurthala Punjab, India

PIN: 144411

5. What should I do in case of EMERGENCY?

In case of emergency please call Mr.Ranjit Deo (owner)

· Mobile: 098765-83155

· MSN: [email protected]

· E-mail: [email protected]

· Owner: Mr.Ranjit Deo

6. When Is the Offer Booking Time?

In case of emergency please call Mr.Ranjit Deo (owner)

Every Year Jan-22 to March-4. Minimum 30% of total rent needed in order to book your room

7. So where is this Deo Niwas Located?

We are Located in Village Chaheru In Phagwara (Punjab) and 5 minute walking distance from LPU university.

8. Do I need to share my room with others?

Its depends on your choice. We provide room such as:

. Single Seater

.Double Seater

.Three Seater

.4/5 Seater

9. What are the Room Charges for academic year 2022-2023?

Single Seater:

NON-AC                  AC

Rs.90,000/-                         Rs.90,000/- + Rs.250/- (per day)

.Double Seater

NON-AC                  AC

Rs.85,000/-                         Rs.85,000/-  + Rs.150/- (per day)


.Three Seater

NON-AC                  AC

Rs.80,000/-                         Rs.80,000/-  + Rs.100/- (per day)


.4 Seater

NON-AC                  AC

Rs.70,000/-                         Rs.75,000/-  + Rs.80/- (per day)

.5 Seater

NON-AC                  AC

Rs.65,000/-                         Rs.65,000/-  + Rs.70/- (per day)

10. Who is allowed to come in my room?

Parents/Guardians/Visitors can meet their ward in hostel with the permission from owner before 8.00 pm. Female visitors are not allowed to visit students in their rooms.

11. What are the facilities provided by Deo Niwas Home?

ALL facilities such as:

1.   Meal:



.Tea with Snack


2.   Rooms:

Single Seater

Double Seater

Three Seater

4/5 Seater

All rooms with Attached washroom

3.   Internet:

.One Wifi ID

.Computer lab with internet and printing facilities

4.   Scholarship

5.   Playground for Cricket, Badminton, Volleyball etc.

6.   Room Cleaning Twice a Week included in rent

7.   24 Hrs water & electricity supply

8.   Entry with Biometric facial recognition

9.   SMS Alert Facility

10.   R.O Drinking Water Supply

11.   24/7 CCTV Surveillance

12.   Tour Every Year

13. DCL (Deo Cricket League) every year

12. Cooking is allowed in my room?

No! Cooking is not allowed in your room.

13. What is Deo Hostel Cancellation Policy ?

·  If Hostel is cancelled before Check-In (date) then 7% will be deducted rest all amount will be refunded.

·  If Hostel is cancelled within first 30 days after check-In (date) then 50% of Hostel fees will be deducted & rest amount will be refunded.

·  If Hostel is cancelled after 30 days of Check-In (date) then No REFUND at all.