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    Complete our form to request a refund If you booked your room before March-30-2020, and not able to joined in August-2020 due to covid-19.
  • Before you complete the form

    I understand that my booking was non-refundable and owner explained all terms and conditions at the time of booking. My stay impacted due to COVID-19.

    I understand that if I still have lugguge at Deo Hostel then funds will not release and Owner will deduct lugguge charges from June-1-2020 till now.

    I understand that if I provide any false information I will not get any refund whatsoever

    Deo Niwas

  • By signing below, I agree that all of the above information is true regarding my reasons for requesting refund.

    I understand that If I choose my check is being mailed to the above address provided then I will be charge extra Rs.100/- for mailing charges or I will pick up the refund check from Deo Hostel Office.

    I understand that it is requested my check be deposited before July 30, 2021.

    I understand that there will be a Rs.500 fee if I lose my check and need another one printed.

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